Xtra hot

Xtra hot

Xtra hot

Xtra hot fresh game full of beautiful colors in every game symbol. Novomatic presents another fruit game with a more interesting title than the previous game. Game developed with attractive shapes and colors. Xtra hot will always give you the opportunity to win easily without any hassle.

There are 5 reels on xtra hot game. A game that you can play without having to download. Games that cannot be downloaded can only be played through a browser. Xtra hot will also give you an unexpected chance of winning. A win with a game combination symbol will give a high score.

Game symbols

Luisangelmate – There are 5 types of wins with a winning move in each game symbol. To find out more about xtra hot, you can press game info. In the game info you can find many symbols and their values. In addition you can also find many steps to win the game.

The symbols listed in the xtra hot game are plums, cherries, oranges, lemons, stars, bars, x, number 7. The fruit symbols in the xtra hot game will give a double value that is not less. These fruits include: lemons, plums, cherries, and oranges. With 4 pieces that are ready to give value if the gamer gets 3, 4, or 5 of the same symbol.

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Wheel of fortune

When gamers get the same number of symbols that almost close the screen, they will get an unexpected double value which will appear 3 times the value or more. Not only value, gamers will get the opportunity to join the wheel of fortune. Inside the wheel is written the value of the coin, free spins, and a blue sign.

Gamers will be given 25 opportunities to hit the wheel of fortune. The more coins that gamers get, the value of the game will continue to increase and if you get the number 6, the chance for gamers to play pressing the lucky wheel will increase and the chances of winning are getting closer.

Easy and uncomplicated game

The more fruit symbols that fill the screen, the gamer will get the opportunity to press more buttons. So gamers can get a lot of value without any hassle. A game that is different from other games, isn’t it? if in the fruit game, gamers will not get additional games so gamers can only win with symbols.

As for xtra hot, it will give you an exciting game by getting the same symbol from 4 pieces, gamers will get double scores and the opportunity to play the wheel of fortune. The more fruits that fill the screen, the more chances of getting a high score and the chance of the wheel of fortune getting closer to victory.

Games that can be played without download

To play the Xtra Hot game, gamers don’t need to download it again, because the Xtra Hot game can be opened or played through the website. Types of games that are easy to play and also easy to access via laptops, Android IOS smartphones, and tablets. The easiest thing to carry is a smartphone so gamers can play games easily without being complicated.

Xtra hot also provides several game buttons that gamers can use. There are minuses and pluses which are the first points in the game. You can set the bet value you want with the button. The more the value of the bet you increase, the more value you get.