Hold your horses



Thrilling type of game. Hold your horses is a game that will invite us to ride a horse. There are many beautiful horses that we can find in the game. Hold your horses game developed by novomatic. The type of game that will invite us to meet beautiful and agile horses.

For gamers who like horses, they can immediately play and try the games provided. Hold your horses has 5 reels and 20 ways to win. The highest bet value can reach 60 coins. In hold your horses gamers will find several signs that can give double value and there will also be a bonus game in hold your horses.

Wild and white horse

Luisangelmate – Exciting and interesting game. There will be many horses of different colors across the game’s richness. Various colors with different horse models can be encountered by gamers. Horses that produce high scores or high payouts are white horses. Although getting a white horse as a high value there are still signs that provide additional value and free spins in the game.

To be able to get additional value, you can do combination symbols or symbols formed with other symbols. The word hold your horses is a wild sign. Wild which can replace all symbols except bonuses. By getting the same token gamers will get the game payout value.

find the same breed of horse//horses

Spin lock and double win

Each horse that will spin on the game screen will be accompanied by a wild so that the value on the symbol will be doubled. There is also a card sign from remy which will also give value to gamers. Although small but able to meet the value of gamers. Hold your horses will also activate spin lock.

The spin lock will be activated when you succeed in making a full bonus on the game play screen. The bonus sign that fully covers the screen will lock all symbols in place and form a payout value. When you start playing the game again, gamers will get another bonus sign. The game will continue as long as gamers still get game bonuses.

Any sign will activate spin lock

The game of hold your horses will give gamers a lot of unexpected wins. The presence of a bonus will activate the free spins. The bonus that fully covers the screen will give you 15 free spins. If the gamer manages to win, he will get a lot of value in the amount of 150 coins. If during the bonus a horse appears in the game, the horse will not move still in place.

In addition to bonuses that can make spin locks, there are also those who can activate spin locks. In 1 spin if there is a wild and the same horse will activate the spin lock. So if you get a matching sign in the game rotation, gamers will get a chance to win.

Info and play games automatically

If you are still curious about the hold your horses game, gamers can press game info. There will be a lot of information that can be found in the game. Both value info and any form of symbols. In the information, gamers will also find several ways to win easily in the hold your horses game. Do not escape also with the quick keys.

When gamers press the button, the screen will rotate by itself so gamers just have to wait for the results without having to press the button. To play the hold your horses game, you can go through the website and gamers don’t need to download the game anymore. Easy to play and fast game login process makes horse lovers can’t wait to play.